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About Ghana Casting Agency

Ghana Casting Agency is a dedicated Platform under Xford Talent Foundation, designed to empower and promote unique talents; mainly Actors and Models for opportunities within the creative sector and beyond. Founded in July 2013 by Eli Kingsford; an Acting Coach, Film Director, and Casting Agent in Ghana. The primary objective of this platform is to showcase our unique talents for jobs; as part of our commitment to their fundamental growth and visibility.

"Every talent is a valuable seed that could bear fruits to benefit society when supported to grow". This has been the very motive for our establishment. Instead of watching helpless talents give up their Dreams out of frustration and struggle due to lack of support, Our Mission is to HELP them realize their dreams, by impacting them with Free Career Guidance and Promotional tools.

As a Talent Agency, Our Vision is serve as a reliable talent portal where both local and international filmmakers can easily find and hire professional actors & models for their various projects. We aim to bridge the gap between Filmmakers and talents, where struggling to find professional casts for any challenging project becomes a thing of the past.
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